The report generator can be customized by applying industry standard Extensible Stylesheet Language (.xsl) templates to control the style of the report. Additionally, the user can select to incorporate their own corporate or project logo.

Figure 1 shows the advance tab of the LabNotebook dialog box showing the template and log file selections. The template field points to a user created .xsl template file. The scope is shipped with several example templates. The user may elect to use any of the examples of, by checking the ‘Use Default’ box, use the built in default template.

Figure 1:

The advance tab of the LabNotebook dialog box allows users to select custom style templates and logos

Logos are supplied as standard bit map (.bmp) graphic files. The Logo field is used to select the desired bit map file and like the template field there is an associated ‘Use Default’ check box.

Figure 2 shows two different template styles and logos illustrating the flexibility available in LabNotebook. The report on the left includes the default style and logo.

Figure 2:

Examples of two different style templates and logos

As you can see LabNotebook offers users an excellent documentation tool where they can use it simply by selecting a default report layout. They can also configure their own report layout and place their company or department logo in the report.

LabNotebook is standard with on many Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.